Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Week in Instagrams {Week 8}

1. I used my sewing machine! Aren't you all so proud? I have just been playing around with it to try and understand all the different parts. It has definitely been...interesting. I made a little scarf for Molly as my first mini-project. It's really terrible (don't be fooled by the angle of the photo which makes it look half-way decent), but at least I did something!

2. We went to the State Fair this week. My brother and sister-in-law invited us to go with them on Tuesday evening. They have a $2 Tuesday deal. It was only $2 to get in and then almost every food stand had some $2 deal. Fair food was definitely a bad idea. This picture is of the World's Largest Boar! Aren't you impressed? We know how to party in Indiana.

3. Molly had to get a shot this week. It was just one of those regular shots that you have to get every-whenever-they-send-me-a-reminder. This is her hanging out in her car harness. I just love the way she looks in it. She looks like she is ready to go sky-diving.

4. Last night we went to a roller derby bout! I went with my friend, Sarah. She's the same friend that is moving in a week. Her husband is a referee for a local team, who was playing last night. I love going to these bouts. They are so much fun. Sarah is also into roller derby! She is actually going to be in her first bout coming up in September. I am super excited to go and see her take down some other girls (she's super tiny, so this statement is a lot funnier than it seems). I think she will do great though, seriously.

5. Our yard has gotten out of control. It was fine about 3 days ago and then we we got some rain. Now it is just ridiculous. These little cattail-looking things have started growing up everywhere! Yes, we plan on mowing it, but I just wanted a picture of how ridiculous it is first. Well, we might be mowing it. It's been raining on and off all day (and it feels WONDERFUL).

6. This stuff is so delicious! I decided to try this oatmeal because I had gotten some cereal from the same company and really enjoyed their mission statement. Before I even tried this oatmeal, I enjoyed it. First of all, the box is not ridiculously huge. Therefore, it takes up less space and they use less material making it. Also, the pouch which contains the oatmeal can be used as your measuring tool for the water! Love it.

Until next time.

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  1. I love your pictures! I want instagram soo bad! They need to hurry up and make a version for Droid!