Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I - Want - It - Wednesday

Okay, so here is the most pathetic and last minute blog entry ever. I apologize. One of my best friends is getting ready to move out of the state, so I was spending the day with her. Now you feel bad for judging me, don't you? If I were a really well organized blogger, I would have had this post already made previously and ready to go early this morning. So, I guess we're back to me feeling bad. Ignoring all that, here is what I want this Wednesday. 

San Diego. I want San Diego this week. Sara has officially gone crazy and isn't even picking logical things to want. Well, this does make sense in a way. My husband is from San Diego, so I have gotten the pleasure of being able to visit it a few different times. I've fallen in love with it and his love for it makes me love it even more. I want to go back. So, dang it. I'm picking San Diego for this Wednesday!

I want the beach.

I want the ocean.

I want the delicious food (although, I should probably try to avoid these delicious foods when we go back and enjoy more of the fresher side of California).

I want the gorgeous views (this includes my husband's butt). 

AND I want the ocean, again. 

I love you, San Diego. 

Until next time. 


  1. I could go for some San Diego! Besides then you could hang out with Ron Burgundy

  2. I personally want Alaska - I am so into cold temps! Your pictures are so cute - you're adorable :) Love the butt comment too!