Monday, August 8, 2011

Farmers' Market Finds

I have been seeing these signs all around town throughout the summer. I have been saying to myself, "Oh, I should go to the Farmers' Market," for way to long. We have three different locations that set up a Farmers' Market on four different days. That's a lot of chances for me to get out and go to one. You would think I would have gone before now. Well, Hi, I'm Sara and I procrastinate. Even when it comes to things I WANT to do. Pretty sad, huh? 

The point is, I finally went! I was super excited and ready to find some delicious local and fresh items. 

I have been considering getting my own herbs for awhile now. The only thing that concerned me was where I would put them. We don't have a very good window to put them in. Actually, we don't have a window at all to put them in. We have one big sliding glass door. Well, I decided to ignore this issue and buy these three gorgeous herbs (3 for $10). They are rosemary, cilantro, and basil. They have since been repotted and are currently outside. They're doing really well (I guess this means I should admit that this post is coming to you guys a couple weeks after I actually went to the market). I just want to be able to keep them during the colder months, so I need to figure something out. Suggestions?

I bought three different squashes. (3 for $2)

I got some really beautiful tomatoes ($2.50) and jalapenos (4 for $1)!

Guilty pleasure buy of the day. There was a guy sitting in a sad little corner that had different homemade spice blends and butters. He also had samples. Samples are bad news. I tried some of this and then bought it right away ($2). It's so delicious. A little goes a long way. 

These peaches were SO juicy. I tried to use them as quickly as possible because they were ready, man. We basically came home and started eating them up. I also used them in the spiced peach cupcakes I made a little over a week ago. We bought a bag of these peaches which had about 6 or so in it. ($4)

That's how my first Farmers' Market trip went! I've already tried to go to a different location on a different day, but for some reason the market decided to not show up that day. So, I think I have a goal of going this Saturday. Also, I will be back posting again tomorrow (I know, right?) to share with you the meal I made using lots of my Farmers' Market finds!

Until next time.


  1. mmmm, that honey butter looks heavenly. and the peaches... that picture makes me want one right now!


  2. Zucchini are great right now.

    For the herbs - you best find a sunny window during the winter. :) Or build a tiny greenhouse...

  3. Hello!? Where have you been all my life!? I just jumped over from your ad on Love Elycia and have been reading through your blog. I think you are my long lost blog twin! I won't list all of the similarities, but there are many. Like you, I just graduated (and don't feel bad, it took me six years too). I also have a dog... ...named Molly! I am terrible about procrastinating, hence the name of my blog. And I also have been wanting my own herbs, but there is not a good place to keep them in our teensy apartment! I'm so glad I found you. Can't wait to read along! :-)