Friday, July 29, 2011


Outfit of The Week!

I think we're seeing a pattern here. This has been becoming an every other week type thing. Well, it has worked out that way so far. We'll see if I keep coming up with outfits that I feel are even worth sharing. For now though, here is another one! I particularly wanted to share this outfit because it based around a dress I found while shopping at a thrift store. It has been my goal to find more dresses this way, so hopefully this is the first of many that you'll see.

dress: thrifted - tank top: old navy - leggings: old navy - belt: old navy
shoes: fashion bug - necklace: etsy (shop taken down) - earrings: forever21

I'll be busy this weekend spending some time with my family and friends. 
Do you guys have any big plans? 

Until next time. 

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