Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Week in Instagrams {Week 6}

1. The week started off with my birthday. Kyle and I went out to dinner that evening to a little pub in town called The Black Sparrow. It had a pretty relaxed environment and tasty food. In this picture Kyle is munching on some hummus. The portions were huge for the price!

2. We got some fresh, local corn this week. After eating the majority of it straight off the cob, I decided to try a recipe that I happened to see on a blog that I follow. The recipe was for a Summer Corn Salad and it can be found over at 101 Cookbooks. It is such an easy and delicious recipe. 

3. My cousin was in town visiting this week along with this little guy. He is her first child and it was so exciting to meet him! His little smirk was super contagious. My dad was pretty excited about meeting him as well (as pictured). 

4. We have Petey over visiting again (my parents' new dog, in case you missed this information the other week). Molly is still climbing anywhere she can to try and get a breather in between all of their playing.

5. Ugh, so this happened. I walked into the bathroom the other night and stepped in a puddle of water. I then noticed that some of the flooring was bubbling up as if it had water damage. We called for maintenance (oh, the joys of renting) who then had to call for a plumber. Eventually this is what our bathroom looked like for a few hours. Luckily, it seemed to be a semi-quick fix. Apparently though, this was a mess up from BEFORE we even moved into this apartment. So, it's a little annoying to know that this has been building up the whole time we have lived here and we had no idea. Why would we?  They have to come back next week to put some finishing touches on the whole thing and then they will also be fixing the floor around that area. Super fun times.

6. I made some cupcakes this week! I made them for my friends who came to visit last night. I meant to get a picture of my friends with the cupcakes rather than just the cupcakes. I promise, I do have friends though. I used the basic easy yellow cake recipe from my new cookbook, but then adjusted the recipe to end up with a spiced peach cupcake topped with honey cinnamon butter cream frosting. The peaches I used were from our farmer's market which I went to this week. I'll be sharing more on this later!

Until next time.


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