Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Week in Instagrams {Week 5}

1. The week started off with my sister coming over and spending a couple of days with me. She's going to be a junior in high school (ugh, she's getting way too old even though she looks ridiculously older - bad news bears). We went shopping, cooked together, and just spent some time together catching up. It was a really nice visit. She's fun to have around because sometimes it's fun to pretend you're still in high school. 

2. I made Cream of Broccoli soup using this recipe. It turned out so tasty. I've really enjoyed every recipe I've used from Gina's site and would definitely suggest checking it out. I found her when looking for some low fat suggestions. The soup looks a little neon green in this picture due to the filter, but I promise it wasn't as ooze-like in person. Super delicious!

3. There have been movies out that have actually been worth seeing! We pretty much only go to the matinee showings because tickets are actually affordable. Hasn't it gotten outrageous!? Well, this week we went to see Captain America. Okay, this is one that Kyle really wanted to see and I was just kind of along for the ride. It was pretty good though (he would say it was amazing). 

4. Fruit salad! I tried to pick out the smallest watermelon I could since there are only two of us. I thought I did a pretty good job, but once it was all cut up I realized I would be eating a lot of watermelon this week. I didn't mind too much. I've been eating it alone and with other fruits as a delicious side for most of my meals. 

5. The heat has been absolutely miserable this week. All of us, including Molly, have just been laying around inside because of it. Doesn't she look pathetic? She was playing with her new toy, but then gave up and passed out across the floor. Hopefully the heat lets up a little this next week. I'd love to get outside again. It's actually raining right now! 

6. I went to get some blood work done this week. Here's what happens almost every time I have to get blood taken. I bruise really easily, so I always end up with an arm that looks like a raw piece of meat. Yuck. It has actually gotten even more purple since I took this picture. Ridiculous.

7. My birthday is tomorrow! It's my golden birthday. I'll be 25 on the 25th. Last night we went out with all of my parents to dinner. Afterwards, we went back to my Dad's house for some cake and time together. Of course, everyone getting together was enough for me, but I was super grateful for their kind gifts. I am also super excited to show you what I got! Eeek!

Until next time. 


  1. Oh my gosh, that bruise is awful! I'm so sorry that happens everytime.

    Happy birthday!!