Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Week in Instagrams {Week 2}






1. My Dad and Step-Mom came back from a quick trip to Wisconsin. They brought Molly back this really cute little scarf. Yes, we're Packers fans (Go Pack Go)! This scarf actually slides onto her collar, which is really smart. I think that I am going to attempt to make some eventually (in part of my process to learn to sew). 

2. I've been snacking, but it's been a good thing! My doctor warned me that the medication I am currently taking (which is a steroid) would probably increase my appetite. I was not too excited about the idea of gaining weight, considering I should be losing weight instead. So, I decided to take action and make sure that I wasn't being ridiculous with my eating habits just because of the medicine. I DO get hungry ALL of the time it feels like. So, I make sure that I have small snacks (like this) throughout the day. This snack is two wasa crackers topped with laughing cow cheese and cucumbers. I also have discovered that I like olives, so I have been eating these burgundy olives along with my snacks. Yumm, yumm. 

3. I've been really good about eating breakfast too! I need to take my medicine with food. Since I have decided that the morning is when I will take it, it has really pushed me to make sure that I am eating a good, healthy breakfast every day. I love it. :)

4. I got to see two of my best friends this week. This is Ashley (left) and Sarah (right). We made a yummy dinner together and just had a fun night of catching up. We currently live in three different cities that are all the same distance from each other. It's not too far, so we still get to see each other quite a bit, which is really nice.

5. Kyle and I are currently in Ohio visiting my best friend and old roommate, Casey. This is Casey's newest dog, Bella. She is super sweet and Kyle has fallen in love with her. I don't get to see Casey as often as I would like, considering we live too far from each other. It is nice that it is still close enough to take quick weekend trips like this when we can. We're going to find some 4th of July festivities to go to today and I think she will also teach me how to quilt (more on that later).

Until next time. <3


  1. your best friends all sound amazing ;) I just wish I were as creative as you! Love the pics and your style :)

  2. Bella is famous!! Love you. So happy you came!