Monday, July 25, 2011

Lessons and Presents

So far it has been a pretty relaxing and pleasant birthday. I've been considering what to post for the day and kept going back and forth on ideas. I ended up getting some pretty adorable birthday presents though, so the post for the day kind of revealed itself.

I woke up this morning to my husband coming home for the day with flowers in hand. After getting out of bed shortly after that, I went into the kitchen to find cupcakes from a local bakery in town. It is the same place that we got our wedding cake/cupcakes from. I am super excited to try them!

The flavors are strawberry, cookies & cream, and pancakes & bacon. Yumm! (Umm, I think these might have some bad fat in them though. Oops!)

These next set of items are all from my Dad and Step-Mom. They went down south last weekend and ended up finding a cute store with obviously some pretty cute stuff in it. These are MINI cupcake liners. I love the floral prints. 

I was just looking at some cute, fancy measuring spoon sets the other weekend. So, I was super excited when I opened up a box to find these. How adorable are they!?

Cupcake Cookbook! This one is full simple yet creative recipes. 

I am pretty excited to start baking from this book. I think I will try to make as many healthy adjustments as I can which actually seems very possible.

A new apron and oven mitt! I love aprons. I am sucker for cooking/baking accessories (even though these don't really help you cook at all). I am excited to put this apron to good use. 

I had also thought about making some sort of list of 25 things, but 25 is just too big of a number. So, instead I came up with just a few lessons that I have gotten out of the past 25 years. 

1.      Time takes time (y’know) – Okay, so it’s a phrase from a Ben Folds song, but it has meant a lot to me since high school. The meaning has just been changing since then and becoming more real to me throughout the years. I even have this phrase tattooed on my right foot.

2.      College ISN’T for everyone. Oh my goodness. I can’t stress this enough. I felt that there was a strict timeline that I was required to follow in life and that if I didn’t then I was a failure in some way. Hey, guess what? Not having an idea of what you’re doing and just jumping into college doesn’t make it easier. In fact, it made my time in college more confusing and I also ended up going for an extra two years. I seriously want to make a campaign to talk to kids and let them know, hey, you have WAY more time than you think. Please, don’t jump into it just because you feel that it is your only option.  Don't get me wrong, I am so thankful to have had the opportunity and for all the support that I received. I just feel that the world is a bigger place than we are aware of right after high school. 

3.      Having a college degree doesn’t mean you have it figured out. Yeah, I kept waiting for that moment throughout college where I’d finally feel like, “Okay, I definitely know what I am doing after this is all done.” Nope, didn’t happen. Obviously, it still hasn’t happened. To tell you the truth, I feel that blogging has been one decision that has benefited from my degree the most. Social networking is something that should not be ignored. It’s a big world and I am definitely trying to acknowledge that and realize that I am not a failure by trying to take advantage of this opportunity. 

4.      Time flies. When I realized that my 25th birthday was coming up, I told my husband that I don’t even remember 24. Seriously. It just feels like the years between 18 and now disappeared somewhere. This lesson has also made me just appreciate life in general a little more each day.  

5.      We’re younger than we think. This might feel contradictory to the last thought, but it’s true. I always complain about feeling old, but I think that is just because I thought I would be old at this point. When I was younger I remember seeing people my age now and thinking how far off that seemed. Now that I am here, I am realizing how much younger I am than I thought I would be. I hope this makes sense.

6.      Change is inevitable. Can I get an AMEN? We hear this way too often, but change happens so often. So, I guess it makes sense that people are always reminding you about change. They are just trying to remind you over and over again, so that you’re not surprised when it happens over and over again.

7.      You can’t go back. I fought the process of growing up for a little while. I think the point where it got really challenging was when Kyle and I got engaged. There was this strange balancing act going on where I wanted to still be the daughter that I was yet I was becoming a wife now. Of course, I will always be a daughter, but at the same time the roles end up changing. Sometimes it would be nice to be able to be a kid in my parents’ home again, but that role kind of disappears. It’s that darn change again. Instead of being sad about not going back though, I am learning to be grateful for the past and excited for the future.

8.      There will always be bullies! Hey, people are mean. I realized this at my most recent job. You’d think being in a “professional” environment that people would grow beyond the point of personal judgment. Think again. There are always going to be those people who are just hateful and mean for (what seems like) no reason.

      I hope that I don't sound like Debbie Downer with these lessons. I swear I view them all as really positive and great things that I have learned! Of course, other great lessons include realizing how amazingly important your family and friends are. I cherish each and every person in my life and I hope that they all know how extremely important they are to me. 

      Until next time.


  1. Bacon flavored cupcakes? Can't beat that. :)

    Hope your b-day was good.

    Good call on college. I agree.