Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I - Want - It - Wednesday

Harry Potter Edition
My obsession with the final Harry Potter movie coming out continues. I showed you all my awesome snitch necklace that I bought awhile ago on Etsy. Well, I've been browsing around and have found so many wizard world goodies. So, I decided that this Wednesday will be all about Harry Potter related items! Here's what I want:

Vintage Harry Potter Movie Poster by balancedpersonality ($15)

Time Turner Necklace by RazaelsLair ($38)

Hogwarts Letter Necklace by SixAstray ($23)
I really love the idea of this one! It is so tiny and adorable and you can get the letter customized for whoever will receive it. Love it.

Hand Crafted Wand by Harters ($12)

The Plushie Who Lived by OhMyMonsters ($15)

Hey, I may be turning 25 in a week, but I can still hold on to the child in me that loves magic. Almost every store I linked to has other Harry Potter related items within their shop as well. So, make sure to take a look around if you're a fan. Is there anything from the Harry Potter world that you'd love to own in real life? 

Until next time. 

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  1. I'm completely obsessed with Harry Potter, and I would kill for some of these things (well not literally) but they're so cute! I'm thinking of making a Harry Potter pillow at some point. (: