Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I - Want - It - Wednesday

Woah. I definitely thought that yesterday was Monday. The holiday completely messed me up. So, I was totally surprised when I realized that it was Wednesday and time for this. Sorry if this feels like post overload for you. I really had planned to have it a little more spread out. Moving along. Here is what I want this week!


I love the way food looks. Is that silly? I don't care. I really do love the way food looks. I just love adorable baked goods or delicious looking prepared meals. There is something just so aesthetically pleasing about it. So, when I found this Etsy shop, I fell in love right away. The shop owner lives in France and makes adorable miniature food jewelry and art. Seriously, check it out. Here are some my favorite things from her shop.

I hope you enjoy looking through her shop. Even if wearing miniature food isn't your thing, surely you can appreciate how good it all looks. Until next time. <3


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